Course Name MCA
Duration 2 Years
Place Jaipur
Fee Structure
Admission Form 500
Registration Fee 5,500/-
Tuition Fee 43,500/-
1st Installment 13,500/-
2nd Installment 15,000/-
3rd Installment 15,000/-

About MCA Program

MCA stands for Masters of Computer Application which is a 2 year under graduating professional degree course in computer applications. MCA Course is considered as a course equivalent to B.Tech. in Computer Science. MCA stands for Bachelor of Computer Application which is a 3 year under graduating professional degree course in computer applications.

Today as we see the rapid growth of IT industry worldwide. This rapid growth has created a lot of opportunities for the computer graduates. This course provides a sound academic base to students to help them pursue advanced careerin the sector of IT. It is an ideal course for the students who wnat to make career in computer science and its related fields.

MCA Syllabus

Subjects Training
1. Object Oriented Programming with C++ Fundamentals of Programming
2. Mathematical Foundations in Computer Science Web Designing
3. Operating System Oops
4. Computer Architecture
5. Database Systems
6. Web Technologies
Subjects Training
1. Java Technologies Java
2. Computer Networks Python
3. Data structures SalesForce
4. Software Engineering and UML
5. Python Programming
6. Business informatics
Subjects Training
1. Cloud Computing Android Development
2. Analysis and Design of Algorithm Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning
3. Artificial Intelligence Data Science
4. Information Security
5. Mobile application Development
6. Elective 1

Elective -1: a * : Data Mining and Warehousing b) Big Data Technologies c Soft Computing

Subjects Training
1. Software project Management AWS
2. Elective 2 Devops

Elective -2: a * : Principles of Management and Information System b Machine Learning c Data Science with R